Líder Construction Group, has more than 16 years of experience making many families happy.

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Fernando Mario Paredes Giraldo

DNI 15842372
Condominio Algarrobos - Comas

Even though I was a freelance worker, Lider advised me on the best way to acquire credit to get my house, which allowed me to achieve my dream of living comfortably with my family in my own flat.

Katya Castillo Llica

DNI 29722588
Vista Verde - Breña

Lider gave me vital advice and all of the payment options that I needed to be able to buy my apartment. The building has considered even the most minimal of details, giving us comfort, tranquility and security. Regarding the finishings in the apartments, they are all first class; which demonstrates how serious the company is. I am very happy at Condominio Vista Verde.

Alberto Ardían Nicho

DNI 10621727
Álamos del Prado - Cercado de Lima

I was looking for a house with my wife, and thanks to Lider, we can now enjoy our flat in a nice and safe environment with Condominio Alamos del Prado. Our satisfaction is even better than we expected.

Ruben Augusto Rivera Melgarejo

DNI 21458706
Paso de los Andes - Pueblo Libre

For me, Lider means trust, comfort, security and commitment; trust in getting an elegant, comfortable and safe design, as well as multiple post-sale services that are always offered.

Tatyana Ludeña

DNI 41347134
Lomas de Tingo María - Cercado de Lima

I have been looking at many building projects for the safety, warranty and quality of life that me and my family need, and finally i have found it in Lomas de Tingo María. I found it thanks to the advice from the sales and credit department at LIDER. Because of them, I achieved one of my greatest dreams of having my own house. I have been living in the building for a year and I love when I see my children playing in a safe and wonderful environment.

Richard Pabel Torres Flores

DNI 9386696
Praderas de Surco - Surco

Very pleased thanks to LIDER and the housing counselor for the treatment and advice to obtain my department.

Mary Ann Henriquez Velasquez

DNI 25526437
Parque de San Jose - Callao

I am very satisfied with the advice given to me by LIDER.

Beatriz Lozada de Camacho

DNI 10136105
Edificio Praga - Miraflores

LIDER is a construction and real estate company that has helped me and my son buy a flat. They have been committed to me and my son, and when I asked for their services, they helped me in a really wonderful and effective way.

María Leonor Gamarra Noli

DNI 25669400
El Prado de San Jose - Callao

I always thank God for how lucky I have been to find this company which gave me the opportunity to have my own flat. Since I arrived, I have been treated nicely and I have been told this company is very committed to their customers.

Marleni Lena Quezada

DNI 25793108
Jardines de Maranga - San Miguel

The flat I got with LIDER fulfills all of my expectations: the kind of construction, the layout in the flat areas, finishings, etc. Moreover, the commitment they show, as well as the punctuality in delivering my flat, showed me that LIDER was my best choice.

Gina Rocio Mendoza Loja

DNI 33963015
Alborada - Los Olivos

I bought my flat with LIDER because it is a trustworthy construction company. I am very happy because I was given great advice and I am satisfied because they achieved everything they promised me. I have been living in this flat for 4 years and I do not have any complaints about the infrastructure. I recommend buying with LIDER because they carry out their promises and has a great warranty.

Juana María Arce Caballero

DNI 23951531
Jardines de Alcalá - Miraflores

I decided to buy a place with LIDER because they are a solid company. It is warm and has the best post-sale service.